About Us


NC Kings is a competitive youth basketball organization based in the NC Triad Area. We offer a foundation and structure for youth players to learn the fundamentals of the game and improve their individual skills with an emphasis on being team players. We provide the preparation required for higher levels of play. (i.e., Middle School and High School)


The 2015 season will be our 4th year as a competitive youth basketball organization. We have provided a high-level of competition winning 2014 USSSA State Tournament, 2nd 2013 USSSA State Tournament and among the top 5 teams in 2013 USSSA Regional National Tournament. However, we are most proud of our player development and commitment to stay together as a team.

Our Mission


We will use athletic competition as a means of developing strong leadership, good sportsmanship and self-discipline in our youth both on and off the court.


We want to provide an environment for developing positive well-rounded youth, encouraging teamwork, self-confidence, respect and dedication. We are committed to ensuring our players are learning to play fundamentally sound basketball required for higher levels of play (i.e., Middle School, High School). We desire to keep a core group of players together playing up through High School, providing the opportunity and support needed to reach their full potential as basketball players and individuals.


Youth Sports Programs


  • Competitive Youth Basketball Teams (AAU, USSSA)
  • Youth Basketball Skill Development and Training
  • Youth Basketball Tournament Hosting